We are excited to have signed a contract this evening with First Priority Group for a new Braun, Chief XL ambulance
By United Steam Fire Engine Co #3
September 14, 2023

Delivery is estimated to be in December, 2025.

We appreciate the members of our Committee who put together the specifications of this unit.

Seated from left to right are: Chuck Evans, Sales Rep, James Graham, President, and Kim Shook, Treasurer.

Standing from left to right are: Steve Jacobs, Director, Daryenne Dorsey, EMS Lieutenant, Marc McNeal, Deputy Chief, and Jerry Dorsey, Chief.

Not pictured: Staci Williams, EMS Captain, Jeana Panarella, EMS Lieutenant, Stacy Baumgart, EMS Lieutenant, Neil Keilen, Captain, Sam Duchowski, Lieutenant, and Jacob Dmichowski, FF/EMT.