Motor Vehicle Collision With Rollover
By Assistant Chief Brendan Beaton
June 8, 2021

Late afternoon called for units to respond to Interstate 70 westbound at Interstate 270 southbound ramp for a vehicle collision with reported rollover. Frederick County's EMS-901 was the first fire and rescue unit on the scene and confirmed the dispatched location. Initial reports were that the subject was still confined to the vehicle. Rescue Squad 3 arrived on the scene and the crew quickly went to work stabilizing the vehicle which had rolled up onto the guardrail at the peak of the intersection. Several law enforcement units were also on the scene. C-3-2 arrived on the scene and performed a face-to-face with the EMS officer who had established command. Engine 31 positioned in a blocking position, in the exit ramp lane. Rescue Squad 3's officer and crew quickly came up with a plan to make several cuts in a technique called a "roof flap". Maryland State Highway's Emergency Patrol unit controlled traffic further back along I-70 West. Command, along with a Sgt. from MSP, continued to examine the scene and vehicle. After consultation with the rescue group supervisor, it was determined that if the occupant could simply unlock the vehicle's doors, the subject could be assisted out through the rear hatch. Of course, crews determined that the occupant was uninjured via interview and visual inspections. The rear hatch was opened and the subject exited the rear of the vehicle under their own power. The occupant was evaluated by BLS and ALS crews before signing a refusal of care. The incident was turned over to the Maryland State Police and Fire & Rescue units returned to service.

Units: E-31, RS-3, A-38, C-3, C-3-2
Mutual Aid: E-122, A-129, EMS-901, BAT-901